Find Your Place  in Geography

Through analysis of the interrelationships of Physical Processes and Cultural Phenomena, GEOGRAPHERS try to make sense of the World.

Are you interested in...

  • Where things are located?

  • Diversity and Globalization?

  • Relationships among different places and people? 

  • Maps and the proximity of place?

  • Using cutting edge technology? 

  • Human and Environmental Justice & Sustainability? 

  • International travel and trade? 

  • Looking at the relationships between people and the environment?


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GEOGRAPHY is the science of space and place.  

Do you want to...

  • Protect Earth's natural resources?

  • Plan the best possible use of land?

  • Solve environmental problems?

  • Use GIS and Remote Sensing to analyze data? 

GEOGRAPHY provides a comprehensive education to prepare individuals for diverse career opportunities.  

If you are interested in GEOGRAPHY as a major contact us in the Earth Science Department at Cerritos College.

  • Professor Crystal LoVetere

  • Professor Ryan Goode